What’s On Your Mind

Tell Me More

Tell me more about your life. What do you find fascinating? Why is that? Why do you struggle to have more of that in your life? What can change this?

My answer used to be that I found outward success fascinating.

How do you measure success for your life? Tell me more. Why is that important to you? Why does that matter?

Who’s Version of Success

Who taught you? What kind of success do they have? Can you let go of their meaning and discover your own?

Question Your Beliefs

The questions you ask yourself are important. They define your life. You face many hidden fears that create stress when you start to ask questions. Yet, asking questions leads to amazing breakthroughs.

If you want to make a better impact and feel less frustration start asking great questions. In your willingness to learn more you open to new possibilities.

Potential for deep change happens when your path takes you on an inward journey. You become fascinated by inward growth that frees you.

Are You Interested?

Some aren’t ready. You are comfortable with success your way. That is ok. For those curious, I invite you on a journey that changes how you see the world.

To check to see if you are ready think of this scenario.

You have time-off next month. You choose to go to Napa to explore the vineyards. Cost is not considered in creating the best experience possible. You go with the intent of telling your story to friends. You focus on the superficial accomplishments of your life. You make a point to make others aware of your outward success.

You miss the beauty and love that lives in you. You miss the radiance and simplicity that life has to offer when you are outward driven. What others think of how great your life is remains a priority. This keeps you frustrated in outward performance. Your measure of success is what sustains your life.

Does Freedom Interest You?

Let’s say instead, you want freedom. Not freedom that comes with success. Real freedom as you let go of what you think need and instead get to yes with yourself.

Then let’s remake the scenario of a trip to Napa. You are grateful for the trip. You find to explore and experience a world renown place an exceptional gift in your life. You smile at the people you meet. You want great things for their life like you have in yours. You don’t see yourself as more important than any other human being. You are grateful for time with friends.


Success is not happiness. Success has many merits. Success brings you satisfaction in the moment.Success does not set you free. Your inward journey for clarity and freedom changes everything.

When you free the mind and make it your superpower you feel energy in your life beyond success. Your emotional creative genius. You become unstoppable.

I coach to unleash your emotional creative genius.

Connect with me Brenyammon@gmail.com to grow life-changing insights.