Energize Your Life by Losing the Energy of Thought

In the hustle and bustle of shopping for the holidays a few years ago something strikingly funny caught my eye. I noticed a man’s t-shirt that read,

“I lost my mind three weeks ago and haven’t missed it a bit”. -author unknown

That sent a shock and ripple effect through my life. That’s the wonder and gift of insight I welcome for you this Christmas.

The revolutionary energizing effects of losing your mind!

Stop To Question What Thought Really Is

How often do human beings ever stop to ask themselves how thought has usurped authority in their lives?

How thought and what it tells them everyday remains the only critique that sticks?

Why do humans rarely ponder what lies under these thoughts they are constantly distraught over?

Do human beings ever realize what it truly means to love?

The way human beings live seems full of separation, sadness and sorrow. As I read articles on Medium I hear hearts pouring out.

Human beings are constantly focused on improving. What is the next idea or action that can get me more of what I want in life?

Many humans realize they want a greater depth in their relationships and success in life. Yet, many are feeling around in the dark for the answer.

The system of thought and ideas for improvement are endless. Humans don’t have to buy into these as the only resource in life to have freedom.

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

The Energy Force Beyond Thought

A whole new dimension in life opens up to those who are curious to the real nature of thought. The phenomenal energizing effect of seeing thoughts and knowledge for what they are.

Thoughts are ideal for communication and technological advancements. Thoughts are a useful tool to describe life but they are not the energy of life.

Making thoughts their life steals a human being’s energy to thrive.

The world-renowned life coach Tony Robbins recently shared some of his wisdom during a Super Soul Sunday podcast with Oprah.

“If I can’t have ecstasy in this moment, helping more people, changing more lives, building more businesses isn’t going to make me happy. -Tony Robbins

Oprah confirmed in her talk with Tony,

“Suffering in our problems is the biggest malady of human beings”. -Oprah Winfrey

Tony’s message, “Life Is Too Short To Suffer.”

See Through The Status Quo Of Thought

In the book Stillness Speaks, Beyond the Individual Self, author David Carse says,

“The source of suffering and unhappiness really is all this attachment, this hanging on to our cherished ideas even though they obviously don’t work and have never given anyone lasting happiness”.

Ending thought as the ground and meaning of life is the ending of sorrow.

Thought is then finished as the ruler of life.

This is the revolutionary anti-aging serum for life! There is a blossoming of energy to life beyond the ordinary order of thought. This is love and freedom.

Photo by Brigitta Schneiter on Unsplash

Don’t Let Thoughts Steal Your Life

The beloved Christmas character Grinch was trapped in the cave of his thoughts.

He tried everything to get what he wanted and make others miserable so he could by happy. ……..He even stole Christmas.

All human beings are fighting for their importance out in the world against one another, for what? What has importance brought anyone in life? Maybe more money, comfort and prestige, but then what?

Thoughts may have value in some moments and then fall off in others.

Thoughts are not life. They are tools. Treat them as something you work with, not life itself.

With this radical view you will feel ten years younger this Christmas!

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

The Freedom And Creativity Beyond Thought

What role does love and affection play? Is love as humans use it just another tool of thought to manipulate and get what they want?

Grinch finally thought he had won what he was looking for when he robbed the townspeople of Christmas. Power is a strange thing. It often feels good in the moment and the after effects of getting your way can be quite empty.

The next morning Grinch woke up and realized he still hadn’t found the answer. He finally gave up his worn out assumptions that had left a path of frustration.

Grinch let go of what all those years of thought had taught him. His heart opened to a vastness that day he had never imagined.

On Christmas morning down in Who-ville Grinch gave up the absolute need for security in thought. As the story goes, his heart grew three times its normal size that day.

This is the meaning of Christmas. This is the depth of vulnerability that being trapped in thoughts can never provide.

This is of course a fairy-tale but it may play out in real life more than you know.

My father -in-law lost his wife this spring. Brain cancer gave them seven months notice.

There is an ache now from his loss. He adored her. He wonders if he wasted too much time on ridiculous arguments that went nowhere.

He and his wife’s daily lives never turned the corner to a depth and beauty that put thought in its proper place.

This Christmas my wish is that millions of human beings open the space of possibility in their hearts. Let your mind lose the burden of thought.

What do you think about this?